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(West Coast)
(27 Jul 2012 - 19 Aug 2012)

Day 1

Leaving on a Jet Plane (27 Jul 2012)



An American dream that has finally came true! On 27 July 12, Vance & I embarked on our first trip to United States (West Coast) together. Serious and tons of planning were done (again) beforehand as there were lots of concerns since States is such a humongous country. Other concerns like driving in a foreign country with the left hand drive (which is opposite from the right hand drive of Singapore) worries us too. Anyway, we had lots of fun and we certainly look forward to our next trip to the States (East Coast soon hopefully)! Enjoy the photos folks!

Here we are at Terminal 3 of Singapore Changi Airport, all ready for our departure to the States!

As part of the airport’s “Be A Changi Millionaire” promotion, this stunning piece of optical illusion is currently located at Terminal 3 Departure Hall (On display until 11 Nov 12). Now’s our turn to be a temporary Millionaire!

Going on board SQ16 (SIN – ICN – SFO), total travel time = 18 hours 15 mins!!! *Faints*
I have never been on a flight for such a looooooooong period of time…
Thankfully it’s Singapore Airlines…

Transiting Incheon International Airport… We were restricted to the concourse area (aka restricted shopping)… Thankfully the layover time is only about an hour.

Yes! Finally we have arrived at San Francisco International Airport after more than 18 hours of bum baking!

Taking the shared ride van to the city… Unlike Singapore, tips are expected in certain circumstances for reasonable service…

For some reasons, San Francisco’s hotels are pricey compared to other hotels in the States (as compared to other states that we visited). It’s difficult to get a decent room for less than US$150 per night whereas in Vegas, you can get a really neat room for less than US$50 per night. We ended up in this boutique hotel Edwardian Hotel, that is relatively centrally located (top end of Market Street) with good public transportation network. The F-Line trolley stops literally in front of the hotel and the F-Line goes almost everywhere tourist (like us) probably would be heading. Rooms are small but more importantly clean and free of bed bugs.


There’s an old school elevator inside Edwardian Hotel which was useful for shifting our luggages around…

Coming from a place where there’s practically no homeless people on the streets, there was some culture shock (for me at least) as there are lot of homeless everywhere in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles. Once in a while, some will talk to you or ask you for money, but they don’t follow or harass you (In fact most of them don’t even talk to you at all).  Of course, there are tons of beautiful graffiti on most streets.

It was an extremely tiring and long day for us…. Looking forward to tomorrow! 



Travel@HamHamFarm - The World, Here We Come!