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Day 10

San Diego (05 Aug 2012)



Good morning San Diego! We’re visiting the USS Midway Museum today. The USS Midway is one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers that saw action in the Vietnam War and 1991′s Operation Desert Storm. It was decommissioned in 1992 and she is now a museum ship in San Diego. She’s humongous and impressive, with real jets and airplanes up on the flight deck. The USS Midway Museum opens from 10 am to 5 pm daily, except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. In summer, the museum opens an hour earlier.

Parking (owned and operated by the Port of San Diego) is unfortunately not free here. As we know that we are going to be here for more than 4 hours ($8 for up to 4 hours), we selected the option, $10 for up to 10 hours.

Vance: Be there early if you want to get a (good) lot and make sure you plan your stay so you know which parking option is best (savings).

The self-guided audio tours (included in the admission) are remarkably well done.

Enlisted berthing…The Midway was home to more than 4,500 men. Lower ranking personnel were entitled to just 6 cubic feet of space . This “coffin locker” comes with model and snoring!


Look how tight the spaces are!

Vance: And each of them are self contained portable cases!

The fancy knot board featuring various knot tying which is a vital part of seafaring…

The Junior Officer’s berth…. Much more spacious here…

The Navy Shower – Since fresh water is a precious commodity aboard ship, shower heads are fitted with a push button nozzle which permits water flow only when pressed.

The Air Wing Maintenance Manager (Big Dog)… He ensures that there are sufficient aircraft for daily air plan…

The Squadron Commanding Officer’s Stateroom…. It’s so much more spacious with personal sink available (P/S : Even if he pee into the sink, he would still need to go the common bathroom for big business)…

Vance: I read they really pee into the sinks (sometimes)! Maybe something from the train toilets (Like the Sydney-Melbourne First Class we previously took) would be good?

Exploring the steam throttle training station…

Sitting in the cockpit….

Vance: Its a E2C’s Cut out!

After all the climbing of stairs, time to restore energy at the Fantail Cafe @ The USS Midway.. We were pleasantly surprised that the Captain Tuna Wrap served with mozzarella, tomatoes and lettuce was quite good!

Next, ‘Midway Special’… Anyway cares for some bacon?

There’s a chapel here!

The Executive Officer’s Quarters. They may even be bigger than shoebox apartments in Singapore!



The Senior Officers Wardroom which was reserved for senior officers, commander ranks and above… Food looks much better here too…

With 4,500 men on board, I’m sure that’s always someone waiting for the barber for a quick trim…

Keeping a crew of 4,500 men fresh and clean, can you imagine the mountains of clothes sent here daily? The washing machine could handle 4,752 pounds (2,155 Kg) of laundry ever hour! Crew (demonstration below) had to handle 3 presses at once!

The Kitchen! Imagine cooking for 4,500 men! 3 meals per day!

The uniforms…

The sick bay and Operation Theatre… including the X-Ray room and dental…

Heading off to the flight deck…

Vance giving a quick briefing?!

Look at the horrendous queue and almost full carpark at 1 pm… Thankfully we’re early.

Veterans volunteering on Midway and providing information and assistance to the visitors…

The Midway’s Captain enjoyed some of the most comfortable accommodation aboard. Separate bed, bathroom, study and spacious reception room with personal chef!

Visiting the souvenir shop… Small and cute “Top Gun” jacket…
I wish I could squeeze into this!

We spent almost 6 hours exploring more than 60 exhibits and 25 restored aircraft. The USS Midway Museum is truly an unforgettable adventure. Some tips for visiting the USS Midway Museum. Plan at least 5 hours or more for your visit as there’s really lots to see and explore. Be there early and proceed to the Captain’s bridge for the Docent Led Island Tour first (which usually gets crowded later). You would be climbing lot of stairs, so be prepared. They are not terribly strenuous, but they are really steep and narrow. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because there will be lot of walking to be done. Personally, I wouldn’t wear a skirt as there are several ladders that you would be walking up. Save time and money when you purchase the tickets online. Bring along caps, fans and sunblock as there’s no shades on the flight deck.

Vance: Tips: If you couldn’t get there early and if you want to beat the long queue, ladies with short (short) skirts usually get to go up first *wink*

Rest of the day spent at Las Americas Outlet Mall (again) as there’s so many outlets undiscovered! Looking forward to our visit to the first theme park of the trip – SeaWorld San Diego Theme Park, tomorrow!


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