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(West Coast)
(27 Jul 2012 - 19 Aug 2012)

Day 11

San Diego  (06 Aug 2012)



Good Morning San Diego! We’re visiting SeaWorld San Diego today. SeaWorld is an animal theme park, oceanarium and marine mammal park, located in San Diego.

Looking at the schedule and planning to maximise our day here :)

Blooming flowers welcoming us into the park…

SeaWorld’s mascot, Shamu. There was an incredibly long queue for taking a free picture with him.

SeaWorld Sky Tower ride is a great place to take a good look at Sea World and its attractions. Nice views from a 265-foot tower.

Be Shamu’s special VIP guest for a meal on his private poolside patio @ US$39….

Well, we have a better recommendation here… Here’s HamHamFarm’s version of dinning with Shamu that’s absolutely Free-of-Charge! Ha Ha! :P

The Shamu Show (SeaWorld’s signature show): One Ocean (25 mins) – This is their day show. Watching Shamu splashing water on everyone was pretty entertaining. There’s a night version (Shamu Rocks) which is pretty much the same thing. Avoid the soak zone if you’re not prepared to get yourself wet.

California Tide Pool… Touch and feel leathery sea stars and spiky sea urchins (If you dare to do it).

Pay once and dine all day with the ‘All Day Dining Deal’. Good value (including meals, snacks and drinks) if you plan to spend the whole day at the park.

Sea Lions Live performed by SeaWorld’s resident sea lion comedy team – Clyde and Seamore.

Dolphin Point… Feed and touch bottle-nose dolphins here… Trainer led in-water orientation and dolphin interaction starting from US$215!

Cirque de la Mer… Acrobatics done over water…

Vance : They are pretty entertaining actually. Very good acrobatics by the cast!

Pets Rule – A must-see show for pet lovers… Kind of like a dog show that includes a variety of animals like dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, birds etc…

Penguin Encounter… See adorable penguins while on a moving walkway…

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! This penguin is way too huge to bring home!

Wild Arctic – Simulated jet helicopter trip to the Arctic. See the beluga whales and polar bears here…

Real long ice wall in the Wild Arctic…

Sea Lions – You can feed them and they seem to be always hungry. It’s amusing to see the interaction between man and the sea lions.

The Ladder Climb is a popular game in the amusement park in US (We saw this in other theme parks as well). Seems fairly straightforward – climb a rope ladder to the top and ring a bell. In reality, the player must keep his balance while climbing an angled rope ladder that can pivot and invert the player easily. Winning the ladder game requires great balance and quick climbing maneuver.

Vance: I didn’t attempt since the prizes are way too big to bring back! (Not that I’m good, but I think I can do it. :P )

Sesame Street Presents Lights, Camera, Imagination is a 4D theater featuring Elmo and all his Sesame Street friends. This is one of the best place to be in after hours of heat baking under the hot scorching sun!

Human dryers in SeaWorld @ US$5…. I wonder if they really drys you out…

Freshwater Aquarium featuring Piranha! Scary even to look at!

Dinner at Calypso Bay Smoke House…
We had the Grilled Chicken which was tender and juicy :D

Before leaving SeaWorld, I did some flash mob with the mascots and kids!

Shamu’s car outside SeaWorld (Using Volkswagen, The Beetle) …. Fins included!

To conclude, Sea World is a theme park with lots of animal exhibits and shows. There are few thrills and animal acts are somewhat predictable. Nevertheless, it still fun to visit. Some tips that we would like to share on surviving in SeaWorld.

No. 1 – Although SeaWorld is definitely less crowded than the Disneyland or Universal Studios (even on a weekday), planning does help you catch the shows and avoiding the crowd. No. 2 – Be early. Strangely, crowd comes in late morning. No. 3 – Wear lots of sunscreen, bring along your caps and shades, wear long sleeves and pants if possible (See HamHamFarm’s demonstration below).

It gets really hot in summer, with little shade everywhere. There are absolutely no shelters for all outdoor performances like The Shamu Show, Pets Rule etc. Remember, this is an “Ang Mo” environment where audiences just can’t get enough of the sun. So do all necessary preventive measures in order to stay cool.

Looking forward to our visit to the next theme park, Legoland California, tomorrow!



Travel@HamHamFarm - The World, Here We Come!