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Day 12

San Diego  (07 Aug 2012)



Good Morning and farewell San Diego! We’re leaving San Diego and visiting Anaheim (a city in Orange County, California) or best known as the Anaheim Resort that surrounds Disneyland. But before that, we are going to second theme park of our trip, LEGOLAND California (LEGOLAND is a chain of Lego-themed theme parks that is owned and operated by the British theme park company, Merlin Entertainment) first located in Carlsbad in ahead of the official opening of LEGOLAND Malaysia in September 2012.
(P/S : We visited LEGOLAND Malaysia in Jan 2013 subsequently)

LEGOLAND California is divided into 9 sections, which are: The Beginning, Dino Island, Duplo Village, Fun Town, Pirate Shores, Castle Hill, Land of Adventures, Imagination Zone and Miniland USA. LEGOLAND California is the also the first Legoland to feature a water park (LEGOLAND Water Park). It is not possible to buy a separate admission ticket solely for the water park. The Sea Life Aquarium is adjacent to LEGOLAND California.

At the carpark, human sized figures made of lego bricks as well – Sponsored by Volvo.

The rest of the pictures are catergorised into their respective zones. Warning : There’s lots of photos in this post so as to show you how massive LEGOLAND California is.

Duplo Village

Fun Town

The Volvo Driving School and Volvo Junior Driving School located in Fun Town. Interestingly, the Driving Schools in LEGOLAND Malaysia are not sponsored by any car company.

The lego factory tour (below) is not found in LEGOLAND Malaysia too.

Here’s the interesting story of the word ‘LEGO’…

Panda craze at LEGOLAND as well…. If this panda is ‘Ku Ku‘… Where is ‘Jiao Jiao‘? :P

Cool creations from the Lego Club House Facebook Contest…


Angry Birds!

Personalise your very own lego brick, great souvenirs for families and friends.

Fun Town Market Restaurant – Even the restaurant is filled with unique Lego figures!

Water Park

Pirate Shores

Dinning at the Garden Restaurant… Look how kawaii the kids’ meals wrapper are…

HHF’s favourite for any theme park… Churros!

Castle Hill

Knight’s Tournament… Not really a roller coaster where you get to ride in one pair of seats attached to the end of a ‘factory assembly-line robot arm’ which will flip you left right up down. Expect lots of inversions, flips and 360-degree spin. Lord Vladek (Destiny 5 Extreme) for Vance… But I thought this kind of ride should appear in Six Flags rather than Legoland?

[Credits to 'Theme Park & Roller Coaster Videos' for the below video]

Vance : I was on Level 5 too, it was really good, not the roller-coaster type of thrill but has many G induced movement… enough to keep the blood pumping!

Imagination Zone

Time for 4D shows…. We caught 2 shows, ‘Bob the Builder’ and ‘A Clutch Power’…

You don’t get sofa seats like those in LEGOLAND Malaysia but the 3D glasses provided are a lot more visually comfortable on the eyes.

Kids racing Lego cars that were built by themselves in Build ‘n Test.


Land of Adventure

The below camel can be found in LEGOLAND Malaysia.

This place looks so much like Universal Studio!

Miniland USA

Miniland USA includes reproductions of seven areas of the United States, featuring prominent architecture and symbols across America (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Star Wars etc) around the world. Constructed with 40 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale and built over 3 years! We enjoyed this section tremendously as most as the reproductions are done up really well and above expectation. For comparison purpose, LEGOLAND Malaysia’s Miniland was recreated using 30 million LEGO bricks. In addition, LEGOLAND Malaysia had too many local (aka unknown) buildings’ replicates that it became unexciting and unfamiliar for the international visitors. LEGOLAND Malaysia should have focused on a specific theme, say significant architectures in Asia and should have include buildings such as Taipei 101, Tokyo Tower/ SkytreeGyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul Tower etc.



Seriously, I think Legoland did a great job for the replication for Las Vegas.

Star Wars fans, get ready to go crazy here…

The Legoland Block of Fame which is also not found in LEGOLAND Malaysia…

Vance :I wanted to kiss her, but she’s to pixelated and… dusty! :P

Where all creations start… A studio where the lego bricks are assembled.

The Beginning

Vance wanted to bring this set (US$139.99 before taxes) home! I have to say NOOOOOO!!! This is way too huge to carry back to Singapore!

He brought the below set instead… US$99.99 (before taxes)…. Yes, lego are really much cheaper in LEGOLAND California than LEGOLAND Malaysia.

A satisfied customer!

LEGOLAND is a theme park geared towards families with younger children. Although there are a number of roller coasters, they are not as numerous or as extreme as those in other parks. They seem to have a greater emphasis on rides suitable for younger children. We also love the fact that this park isn’t as crowded as some of the other parks like Disneyland or Universal Studio.

Sea Life Aquarium
This attraction requires a US$15 upgrade. In short, the aquarium incorporates Lego models into the depths of the ocean. The aquarium is relatively small compared to Sea World. I would recommend this aquarium only if you have extra time to spend.

To summarise, LEGOLAND California exceeded our expectations as an adult. We had a great time appreciating all the hard work, and interactive Lego exhibits all over. Almost everything is made of Legos and this it indeed a feast for the eyes and you cannot wait to see what is around the next corner.

Some comparison between LEGOLAND California vs LEGOLAND Malaysia at a glance.

Legoland Califonia Legoland Malaysia
Cost 1 Day Ticket @ US$78 (S$98.30) 1 Day Ticket @ RM112 (S$45.20)
Parking US$12 (S$9.50) per day Tentatively free but I suspect they are going to charge RM7 (S$2.80) per day
[P/S : I saw this Touch-and-Go-Sign at the carpark. My guess is that the gantries aren't ready yet]
Zones The Beginning
Dino Island
Duplo Village
Fun Town
Private Shores
Castle Hill
Land of Adventure
Imagination Zone
Miniland USA
The Beginning
Lego Technic
Lego Kingdoms
Land of Adventure
Lego City
Legoland Hotel Opening 5 Apr 2013 Opening 2014
Other Attractions  Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium Water Park should be ready by Oct 2013. There seems to be no plans for Sea Life Aquarium
Online Park Map Comprehensive and clear Unable to find a good online version of the map detailing the rides and attractions

Some tips that we would like to share for visiting Legoland.
No. 1 – Bring extra clothes if going Pirate Shores (water rides) is on your agenda, especially so if you intend to explore LEGOLAND Water Park.
No. 2 –  Bring along caps, fans and sunblock as there’s not many shady spots in the theme park. Be prepared so as to prevent ‘lobsterfication’.
No. 3 – If you’re into Lego Mindstorms, proceed straight to to Imagination Zone upon arrival and make your reservation first (Slots are limited).

Farewell LEGOLAND California! We had a really good time here. Somehow,  LEGOLAND Malaysia failed to excite us (like the way LEGOLAND California did).

I have to mention our personal experience with LEGOLAND Malaysia here. Malaysia lies in the tropics (aka hot and humid), but you cannot find a single water fountain or water cooler around the whole LEGOLAND Malaysia (Do they want people to die from heatstroke??!!) That’s something inhuman and required immediate attention from the management. We were also surprised that some of the features (e.g. buttons, speakers, sensors etc) inside LEGOLAND Malaysia were already spoilt despite the fact that it was only opened for a couple of months (Park opened in Sep 12)?! Is there a department called maintenance here? The toilets in LEGOLAND Malaysia are totally unacceptable for an international theme park level. The toilets (especially the one near the main entrance) had a very terrible stinky smell when we passed through the exit door! Not forgetting the non-English announcements made for the show ‘The Loudest Shout’. Isn’t this the first Malaysia’s international theme park as claimed on LEGOLAND Malaysia’s website? While there are many areas for improvement, the queues for the rides are significantly shorter than those in LEGOLAND California (For comparison purpose, we went on weekdays for both LEGOLANDs).

Our next stop is Anaheim (1 hour drive) and our rest point for the day is Super 8 Anaheim Near Disneyland. Decent hotel that close to Disneyland. Rooms are spacious and clean with breakfast included.

Yet another long day! Looking forward to tomorrow where we will visit the happiest place on earth, Disneyland California Adventure Park! :P



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