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Day 14

Anaheim  (09 Aug 2012)



Disneyland Park, Anaheim, California

Good Morning Anaheim! It’s Singapore National Day and we’re overseas in USA right now! BTW, we were invited by the Singapore Consulate-General in San Francisco to celebrate Singapore’s 47th National Day over high tea. Thanks MFA but we’re in Anaheim right now (not San Francisco leh). Interestingly, we were never lucky enough to get the balloted tickets for any National Day Parade (not even NDP rehearsal) and now when we’re overseas, we get invited for high tea… TSK…

The plan today is to explore the ‘The Happiest Place On Earth’ – Disneyland Park, the second most visited park in 2011 (Disneyland Park hosted 16.14 million guests in that calendar year). Hopefully I can grab hold of Pooh Bear this time round. I didn’t manage to take a picture with him during my Tokyo Disneyland trip. So Disneyland, pls make my wish come true today!

Disneyland Park can be divided into 8 sections namely Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, New Orleans Square, Adventureland, Critter Country, Mickey’s Toontown and Frontierland. The photos in this post are segregated into the various sections of Disneyland Park.

Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the main entrance of Disneyland Park, where you will find the train station, Guest Relations office etc. At the end of the main street, you will find Sleeping Beauty Castle, the fairy tale structure castle at the center of Disneyland. This is one of the best viewing spot to catch hold of fireworks across the sky high above Sleeping Beauty Castle. Do look out for Tinker Bell during the fireworks! Grab a good viewing spot here but be here at least an hour earlier before the fireworks start.

We caught Mickey’s Soundsational Parade along the Main Street. Be early to grab a good viewing spot.

An interesting sign that we saw… Lost Parents, Inquire here…

I would strongly recommend you to take the train ride starting from the Main Street Train Station towards Tomorrowland Station (Total of 4 stations – Main Street USA, New Orleans Square, Mickey’s Toontown and Tomorrowland). In this ride, you get to see 2 Diorama featuring The Grand Canyon and Primeval World. We were not expecting anything (just a ride from point A to B) and were surprised to see Grand Canyon, dinosaurs and so much more! It’s definitely a fun way to break up a train trip. Simply awesome ride!

Vance: Pardon the very impromptu clip, the video does not do justice to the ride. :P


Meet the heroes and princesses in Fantasyland! For the Sleeping Beauty Castle, visitors are able to walk through the castle and view several chapters of Sleeping Beauty’s story.

Vance: These are really well done visuals, nicely panned and brightly lit!

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where little girls are given royal treatment from head to toe. Girls are transformed into fairy tale princesses by a ‘Fairy Godmother’. The place was so  packed on our day of our visit (It was even difficult to squeeze ourselves in)! Mind you, this transformation doesn’t come cheap. For e.g. the Castle Package including hairstyle, makeup, gown, crown etc starts from US$189.95 (before taxes). Parents are really spoiling their little darling here! If you are bringing little boys instead, you will feel fortunate as the transformation package (Including hairstyling, sword plus shield) for Knights starts from US$15.95 (before tax)  :P

Vance: And guys’ wait time it shorter too! I had mine done in 5 mins! *opps*

Travel with Pinocchio on his daring journey…

It’s a small world!

 Sleeping Beauty Castle at night.


See the future here at Tomorrowland where adventures are awaiting you in this land of futuristic fun.

Be a Space Ranger and thwart the Evil Emperor Zurg on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Don’t forget to get send your free pictures (see example below) to your email after the ride (BTW, we are big fans of Toy Story, especially the Three-Eyed Green Alien).

Vance: Wow, Space Range 2, Good Shots!

Vance: They were very cuddle-able and… We would actually love to bring them ALL home!

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Hang on tight on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.

Build your own light saber here!

Enjoy Michael Jackson’s quest to change the world in the dazzling musical 3D-film, Captain EO.

Be entertained, informed and inspired at Innoventions! Lots of hands-on, interactive exhibits, games and shows here. Interestingly  Innoventions is located inside a unique rotating building spinning in the heart of Tomorrowland.

Queuing for a 20 mins show at Innoventions featuring ASIMO (Presented by Honda).

Meet ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot who can walk, talk and even dance. Check out the show times on the Entertainment Times Guide when you arrive at the park.

Vance: From the start to the end of the show… I’m worried the host could just crush ASIMO if he suddenly falls onto…. (!)



By placing your hand phone on the panel, pictures on the mobile are automatically displayed on the interactive panels where you can move and drag the pictures on the panel in front of you to your neighbour’s panel. I would improvise this for playing mahjong when you can send the unwanted tiles to other players :P

Mirror Mirror on the wall? That’s actually a camera portraying one’s image on the ‘mirror’. Check out the weather etc on the dressing table before leaving the house… That’s such an interesting concept!

Vance: But I think I have problems trying to put my face up front to… dig my nose! :P

Design your own beautiful Dream Home and provide your email address to get this free picture.

Critter Country

If you are a Pooh fan like me, this is exactly the place to be. Meet Winnie the Pooh and Friends (Tiger and Eeyore – I wonder why Piglet is excluded) at the outdoor greeting location in front of the ride, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Do check the Entertainment Times Guide at Disneyland Park for the specific times of operation. Yes, my dream has finally came true!

Vance: Piglet is on MC on today (AKA known as Medical Leave AKA ATT-C Home) :P

My favourite silly old bear! I was soooooooooooo happy!

Vance: At this moment, she forgot about her Husband :|

We had lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant featuring the usual fast food… In my opinion   they should have changed it to Hungry Pooh Restaurant serving Pooh shaped burgers, hunny pots desserts etc.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant is also one of the best spot to see ships (like Mark Twain and Sailing Ship Columbia) cruising across the rivers of America.


This is definitely one ride that I wouldn’t be going on board… Why do u want to pay money to do the rowing yourself?

Vance: Early Settlers at Disneyland still hard @ work :P

The Golden Horseshoe that features affordable meals with (free) live performances included.

Mickey’s Toontown

Feel like a kid again at Mickey’s Toontown. The architecture here is super cute and we were so busy taking lots of pictures.

Vance: Kids, don’t do this on SMRT/SBSTransit


Embark on a bold expedition into the 7-minute guided Jungle Cruise.

Downtown Disney District 

While waiting for dusk to come, we ventured out of Disneyland park and saw this police car outside Disneyland Park. Yes, it’s a REAL police car.

We visited Downtown Disney District which is located just outside Disneyland Park. This is the “shoppertainment center” featuring unique shopping, dining and nighttime entertainment.

If you like LEGO, Lego Imagination Center is exactly the right place for you. We simply loved this place which offers a unique and interactive retail experience. Almost everything here is related to Disney. Find lots of huge life size LEGO sculptures outside the shop. For example, the larger-than-life sized Woody and Buzz Lightyear below is made entirely out of LEGO.

Beauty and the Beast… Belle looks pixelated though…

The Dragon from Sleeping Beauty… The Dragon, the flames from it’s mouth etc… everything is created from Lego bricks!

Aladdin and the Genie…

Huge wall of Lego bricks in various colours!

Another shop worth visiting would be the RidemakerZ. It is ‘Build-a-Bear’ version for boys, instead of creating a soft and cuddly bear, you create your own ride. Have blasting fun creating and customising your own toy car from scratch, from car body, paint, tires, lights, remote controls etc. Definitely for all car enthusiasts of all ages. Beware, the experience doesn’t come cheap.

Vance: I’m going to bring this into Asia. Now… I need a/some VC(s) to support my Buz Plan, if you have the same Vision as me, please contact me using this Blog! (I’m not kidding! Hee)

Before you leave Disneyland, don’t forget to check out the Emporium, an old-time Victorian general store filled with all kinds of Disney memorabilia. Here’s some souvenirs that would be nice to have (but not necessary to buy) :P

Disneyland truly is the Happiest Place on Earth. We had a wonderful day here and I’m looking forward to visit Magic Kingdom Park in Florida which is the most visited theme park in the world.

Bye Disneyland! Looking forward to yet another interesting day!




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