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(West Coast)
(27 Jul 2012 - 19 Aug 2012)

Day 15

Los Angeles (10 Aug 2012)



Good Morning Anaheim! We’re leaving Anaheim today for Ontario, a city located in south west San Bernardino County, California, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

We had enough of theme park hopping (Covered 4 theme parks for 4 continuous days!) and Vance is really ‘burnt’ by now. Thanks to my constant application of sunblock (which comes in oral, liquid and powder form) plus caps, long sleeves and umbrella, I’m not as chao ta (burnt) as him.

Picking up the rented car from Avis.

Vance : Those hanging are GPS for rent!

It will be a shopping day today (read : air conditioning ). It’s HOT here at 37°C now and up to 39°C later! Luckily we will be indoor today. Fully agree with LKY when he said air con is the best invention for mankind!

We’re heading to Ontario Mills, the largest one-level shopping mall (aka Factory Outlet) in West USA. Ontario Mills is divided into 10 neighbourhoods (in a circle) and there are tons of shops here. Do download the map of the mall before arrival. The entire mall is indoor (whereas Premium Outlets are mainly outdoors) so weather (whether hot / cold / raining) does not come into play :D

Some of the MUST buys in USA’s factory outlets that I would strongly recommend (due to significant price differences in Singapore vs USA) include :-

No. 1 – Coach
Easily less than the half price in Singapore. Upon entering store, staff would pass visitors coupon entitling them additional 30% discount. This is on top of the any existing discount. For example, this bag below is US$99 before tax (Originally Price US$178). Using the additional 30% discount coupon, the below bag would cost US$69.30 before taxes)



The prices are so good that this lady (from the country of Cheena) here was seen buying coach bags by trolley!!?? I wonder if she knows that these supermarkets trolleys are not meant for other usage (or maybe she doesn’t even care). I also wonder why the security guard/sale staff didn’t stop her trolley from entering the store?

BTW, it’s kind of chaotic here where there are people actually eyeing the items you are holding and the staff have problem filling up the shelves faster than they can be emptied. 

No. 2 – Kate Spade
[A brand made famous by a Singaporean Politician] I’ve never been a huge Kate Spade fan, but with this kind of phenomenal deals (At least 40% cheaper than those in Singapore), it’s too good not to be missed! Unlike Coach, there are no additional discount coupon distributed by store staff but discounts are usually store wide with at least 40% discount on most items.

No. 3 – Timberland
The discount in Singapore is pathetic. Great news for all ladies as there’s so much more variety here for woman!

No. 4 - Levis
Really cheap here… It’s even cheaper than Giordano jeans here in Singapore!

No. 5 – Oakley
There’s usually hardly any good discount in Singapore for Oakley. So do grab some decent shades here :)

[Do check out our shopping tips previously mentioned in Day 9 of the trip]

Vance : Different Factory Outlets have different brands (of varying sizes), so plan the stores you wanted to shop in and then select the Factory Outlets  to visit (that’s what we did), otherwise you will always return disappointed!

On the way to Holiday Inn Hotel (Ontario Airport) and guess what….

Vance was actually the priority club member of the day with a designated parking lot??!! Since when he became such a big shot??!!

Vance : Because this is such a ulu place, I’m (almost) the only Hotel Club member here, so that’s why!

The room is spacious and well equipped with a coffee maker, microwave, safe, big screen TV and fridge. Great location with competitive price :)

Looking forward to our visit to the Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Griffith Observatory tomorrow!

Vance : Can you believe we spent one WHOLE day shopping?!??!? *faints*



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