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(West Coast)
(27 Jul 2012 - 19 Aug 2012)

Day 17

Los Angeles (12 Aug 2012)



Good Morning LA! For the beetle fans, here’s more pictures of the 21st century beetle that we rented. The 21st Century Beetle has grown in size, but its still a really small car after all   :P We had to fold the back seats down for our luggage.

Vance: Why do I always look so burned out (literally)?!?!

Vance: We had actually “rearranged” the car to accommodate us and the luggage’s!

It’s another day of shopping for us today. Shopping is every Singaporean’s favourite hobby and if shopping ever qualifies as an Olympic Sports, I seriously think we wouldn’t need any foreign imports for those highly desired gold medals :P

We’re visiting the Camarillo Premium Outlets (The last factory outlet of this trip) today! This place is spread out into 3 areas and this place is HUGE!!! If you cover all 154 stores, you will really shop till you drop! Unless you are prepared to walk, drive closer to the stores you would want to visit and drive to the other side of the outlet for other stores.

I’m going crazy over polka dots here at Kate Spade!

Neon pink (Really loud) evening bag that catch Vance’s attention….

A satisfied customer?! Actually most of the things brought aren’t mine…. *sob*



Do check out tips for visiting factory outlets in US mentioned in Day 9 and Day 15 of our trip.

We had dinner at Los Arroyos Camarillo Mexican Restaurant and the Mexican food here is absolutely yummy! I never really fancy Taco Bells (when they were in Singapore) but the food here changed my perception of Mexican food totally. We had the TACOS al PASTOR (soft tacos with grilled seasoned pork, pineapple & onions on homemade corn tortillas, served with rice & black beans) and bread pudding. Order food at the counter and dishes would be served to you. Great food and warm service, strongly recommended… :D

Heading to the hotel, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Camarillo, our rest point for the night. Rooms are extremely clean, well-maintained, with friendly service and great facilities.

Looking forward to tomorrow where Vance will get his dosage of thrill rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain.



Travel@HamHamFarm - The World, Here We Come!