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(West Coast)
(27 Jul 2012 - 19 Aug 2012)

Day 19

Los Angeles (14 Aug 2012)



Good Morning City of Angels! Los Angeles is widely nicknamed ‘City of Angels’ as ‘The Angels’ is the literal translation in Spanish of ‘Los Ángeles’. Los Angeles is the home base of Hollywood, the city leading the world in the creation of motion pictures, television productions, stage productions, video games and recorded music.

This morning, we returned the bug to California Rent-A-Car… We had fun driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road! :)  Farewell Bug! I certainly hope that I will have a chance to drive you down the streets of Singapore one day.

Vance: I would still recommend the MINI for Fiona!

Now’s the chance to explore LA’s public transport. The Metro Day Pass (unlimited bus/metro travel) cost US$5 per day. Otherwise each trip would cost US$1.50. Hence buying a Metro Day Pass is often less expensive than paying the US$1.50 base fare (after 4 trips made). Since we’re going to be on the move for several days, we brought the 7-Day Pass which cost US$20 (Pay another US$2 for each TAP card). But first of all, you would need to get a TAP card to load the Metro Day Pass or 7-Day Pass. In our case, we brought the TAP cards from Ralphs [ear Coral Sands Motel]. Alternatively, check out Tap To Go to locate the stores selling TAP cards.

Don’t forget to Google your way round LA (Google navigation works faultlessly here). Look what we found, bicycle mounted in front of the public buses (Coolz!)

Vance: Yes, Google Maps/Navigations Rulz here! With Data connectivity and GPS, it can tell you exactly which stop you are at on the route and when to align from the bus!

We headed for lunch at Hooters (Hollywood Boulevard). Did you realised that the wrapper for the straws were not taken off completely (Which I believe it was done on purpose for hygiene consideration)? That’s really attentive! *Thumbs up Hooters*

Vance: Ladies serving food are excellent as well! *wink*

The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre opposite Hooters (Hollywood Boulevard). For those interested, The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre offers an exclusive 20 minute walking tour of the theatre (Tours are offered 7 days a week excluding special events).

We proceeded to Hollywood and Highland Center (Hollywood Visitor Information Center located on the ground floor) to collect the Go Los Angeles Card. The Go Los Angeles Card includes admission to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood (3-7 day cards only), Knott’s Berry Farm, LEGOLAND etc plus studio tours of Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Paramount Pictures (Understand that the Paramount Pictures Studio Tour is no longer included in the Go Los Angeles Card with effect from 1 Jan 2013) plus a full-color pocket L.A. guidebook (in my right hand as seen above). Sounds great but the attractions are widely dispersed geographically, so make sure you plan enough time for travel between attractions when planning to use this card. Since we are going to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Dolby Theatre (formerly known as the Kodak Theatre) and Paramount Studio soon, we decided to grab the One-Day Go Los Angeles Card.

Posing with the performer from Cirque du Soleil.

Shopping at Hard Rock Cafe, Los Angeles located in Hollywood and Highland Center.

Hollywood and Highland Center houses various popular brands like Sanrio, Victoria’s Secret and Sephora. However, there’s hardly any service rendered at the Victoria’s Secret branch here :(

Here’s one free photo opportunity for those who are not visiting Madame Tussaud Hollywood. Marilyn Monroe outside the Hollywood/Highland (LA Metro Station – Red Line).




The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a public sidewalk with embedded stars along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. There is no dedicated address, so just walk outside Hollywood and Highland Center and have fun exploring! :)

Vance: Try to go during “off-peak” timings to avoid the heavy human traffic, which provides better photo opportunities!

Next, visit to the Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store (Hollywood) for ice-creams!

 The Disney’s Soda Fountain and Studio Store is basically an ice cream parlor with average ice cream and a mini Disney shop. For some reason, I expected more (like a Disney character walking around but it didn’t happened). They do stock up lots of limited edition pins though.

Lots of Winnie The Pooh collectible figurines but I’m definitely not bringing these fragile items home…

The Hollywood & Highland Center is also one of the popular place (besides Griffith Park Observatory mentioned in Day 16 of our blog) to sight the world-renowned icon, the Hollywood sign.

On our way to dinner and we saw LA’s fire engine on the move. Looks like the firemen of LA really take pride in keeping their fire engines sparkling shiny.

We walked about 15 mins from Hollywood & Highland Center to In-N-Out Burger located in Sunset Boulevard for our favourite Double-Double! Made of 100% pure beef, fresh lettuce,  American cheese, juicy tomatoes etc…. The fresh ingredients used are the reasons that keep drawing us back. Potatoes are individually cut in stores and cooked in 100% pure cholesterol-free vegetable oil. Milk shakes are made with real ice cream. In-N-Out Burger, can you come to Singapore soon?

Vance: In-N-Out has a very simple menu selections and really fresh and healthy food (for a fast food!). Will surely be our fave if they set up shop in Singapore :)

Having an early night as we’re visiting renowned Universal Studios Hollywood tomorrow! Good Nite folks! :)



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