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Day 6

Las Vegas (01 Aug 2012)



Good morning Sin City! Lots of activities planned for today as well…

First stop, The Venetian, Las Vegas ( . I visited The Venetian, Macau in 2011 and the one in Macau is an exact copy of The Venetian, Las Vegas, You can find the same signature gondola rides, blue skies and the painted ceilings in both places.

 The shopping complex Miracle Mile Shops features an hourly indoor thunderstorm. I must say that this thunderstorm is worth checking out as it’s relaxing and fun to watch the rain, fog and lighting. Best of all, staying fresh and dry and never getting wet :D

Loots from Victoria’s Secret housed within Miracle Mile Shops!

The Eiffel Tower Replica in Las Vegas is about half the size of the original in France. There is a observation deck where you can get great views of the water show at the Bellagio across the street.

Another famous replica would definitely be the Statue Of Liberty outside New York New York Hotel ( The replica (right) is made of jelly beans!

Skyline of New York (Las Vegas)

The World of Coca-Cola carries hundreds of items revolving Coke, souvenir bottles, polar bears, home accessories, postcards, clothes and much more.

Not forgetting a FREE opportunity to get your picture taken with the Coca-Cola polar bear.

Coca-Cola Polar Bear trying to bite my head off !?

Refresh and refuel at the Soda Fountain on the 2nd floor of the World of Coca-Cola.  I would recommend that you try out “Around the World Tray” which feature 16 Coca-Cola’s drinks from different places.

(Left) Around the World Tray

M&M’s World ( is right next to the Coca-Cola Store and yes, it’s really so much more than Candy. There’s only 4 M&M’s World around the globe till date.

You will find 4 floors of chocolate heaven here! Get your apparel, souvenirs, toys etc on the 1st floor.


Swarovski Crystal & Lambskin Jacket going at US$3,000!

The rainbow wall (floor-to-ceiling level bins) on the 2nd floor features 22 different M&M’s colors (They have every colour that you can imagine). It’s simply amazing!

22 different M&M’s colors!

Flash mob dance by M&M staff… Fun!

Located on the 3rd floor,  the personalised M&M’s printer allows you to customise the candies with your own message.

Personalised M&M’s Printer

Catch the 10 mins free 3D show (I lost my ‘M’ in Vegas) here in the M&M’s movie theater located on the 3rd level. The plot is about Red and Yellow where Red’s “M” logo was gambled away in a roulette game.

M&M’s Movie Theater

On the 4th level, get close with M&M’s sponsored Toyota Camry race car and much more collectibles. The Holiday Shop features a permanent M&M’s Xmas decorations corner.

(Right) M&M’s Sponsored Toyota Camry Race Car
(Left) The Holiday Shop

Buy and pop a champagne bottle filled with M&M’s!


 As you travel from floor to floor via the escalator, there are funny movie posters starring the various M&M characters (like M’s in Black, SuperM, The M Files, E.T. – The Extra Tasty… That’s so hilarious :P )


The Excalibur Hotel, a castle-shaped hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip…


Next, the Fountains of Bellagio (, which is a choreographed water fountain with light, water and music effects. Witness spectacular dancing waters that come to life on the 8-acre lake. Runs every 15 mins to half hour (Depending on the time and day of the week).  The fountain is one of Las Vegas’ most watched attractions.

Glitz and bright neon lights on the Strip…


There’s reports saying that Singapore will become the new Sin City. In terms of dollar earnings, maybe Yes. But everything else? Absolutely NOOOOOO. Reason 1 : There’s tons of free attractions in Vegas (But there’s limited or practically no free entertainment in Singapore. Don’t the Casino here know that the best things in life are free? Reason 2 : There are so many impersonators in Vegas. You name it, they have it. Reason 3 : Scale. Size really does matter. Walking from one end of The Strip to the other end in a day is almost impossible in Vegas. Simply count the number of Casinos in Vegas vs the 2 casinos in Singapore. And the most crucial reason : There’s an American saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Can you imagine saying “What happens in Singapore stays in Singapore??!!”

Time flies and it’s time to bid farewell to the Sin City. Bye Vegas!
Looking forward to a brand new day! :P


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