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Day 7

Grand Canyon (02 Aug 2012)



Good Morning Vegas! We are leaving you for Williams (Grand Canyon) this morning…

Picking up the rented car from Avis located in The Venetian (Las Vegas)…

Now, here’s the real challenge, which is drive on the right side of the road in US. In Singapore, all motorised traffic drives on the left side of the road (owing to our British colonial history), with right-hand drive configuration. So while on the road, we have to keep reminding ourselves to keep right (instead of keeping left).

Our first destination of the day, the magnificent Hoover Dam, is about an hour drive from Las Vegas. Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. On the day of the visit, the weather was really crazy at a high temperature of 37°C. Don’t forget to cross the bypass bridge (Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge) which opened since Oct 2010. Hoover Dam is a great place to go, definitely worth the trip. If time permits, do check out the Hover Dam tours organised by The Bureau of Reclamation (

More pics of the magnificent Hoover Dam…

My Hoover Dam Things to Do Pad?! (From the Hoover Dam Store)

Vance: The drive from Hoover Dam to IMAX near Grand Canyon in 380KM and it took us around ~4+ hours (on Cruise Control mostly; i.e. set speed and no accelerator inputs required). There’s nothing much to do with the car cruising; with the sun so bakingly hot and tiredness setting it… the most challenging part of the drive is on long straight roads! Snacking and Singing sessions is a MUST to keep ourselves awake! (Sometimes playing with Travelling Pooh :P )

Next, visit to the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater in Tusayan located in National Geographic Visitor Center. Both the theatre and show are actually showing some form of wear and tear. The 34 minutes show basically give some introduction and history of the Grand Canyon. Some parts of the movie give the sensation of flying through the canyon or white water rafting experienced on an IMAX screen. Nevertheless, we were looking forward to geographical information on the formation of the Grand Canyon, hence we felt that time might have been spent better at the canyon itself.

Interacting with the interesting 3D Kurt Wenner Grand Canyon Installation (at no cost) @ the National Geographic Visitor Center.

On our way to Williams and we saw this… Pump air at US$0.75… Singaporeans, we should be glad that this service is (still) free for us at our petrol stations…

Finally, we reached Williams. Williams is a city in Arizona which lies on the Historic Route 66. Known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon”, Williams, Arizona is nestled in the heart of the Kaibab National Forest at an elevation of 6,770 feet (at the base of the 9,000’ Peak of Bill Williams Mountain). It is also the south terminus of the Grand Canyon Railway, which offers daily round trip from Williams to the Grand Canyon since 1901, hence making Williams a popular stop for visitors to the Grand Canyon (Check out our Day 8 Blog on our trip to Grand Canyon via rail). We stayed in The Lodge On Route 66 ( Though small, rooms are clean and comfortable with free parking right at the doorstep. This motel is also within walking distance to the Grand Canyon train depot and the town centre. The only complaint we would have is the so called free WIFI. Throughout the stay, we were unable to connect to the WIFI provided at all (Strangely).

Yet another long day passed…
Looking forward to our visit to the magnificent Grand Canyon tomorrow :)


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