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The Bahamas, USA (East Coast), Canada 2013
(20 Sep 2013 - 15 Oct 2013)


Day 11

(Part 1/2)

Orlando - Art of Animation (AOA) (30 Sep 2013)




Good Morning Orlando!
Rise and Shine, the weather is fine!

Before breakfast, we visited each of the themed area located in Disney's Art of Animation (AOA). AOA offers 4 distinct areas that are landscaped and decorated with the thought of putting you right into the movie. Classic Disney and Pixar Movies - Finding NemoCarsThe Lion King and The Little Mermaid - come to life with exciting brushstrokes of colour and giant sized characters. Each area, while maintaining it's animated feel and the overall resort theme does a spectacular job of moving guests into the world of their favourite characters. This is the best time for photo taking as most guests would still be cuddling in their warm beds (i.e. the surroundings are still quiet except for Disney's staff walking around and preparing for the day ahead).

Vance: Did you notice Fiona mentioned "Before breakfast"?!?! You can guess how hungry I was and still needing to ensure the pictures are well taken! :P

The Little Mermaid









Meet the characters from The Little Mermaid here including Ariel, Prince Eric, King Trition (Ariel's father), Flounder (Ariel fishy friend), Sebastian (The red lobster which seems to be cooked?!) and of course the sea witch (Ursula)!

Vance: These are extremely large exhibits! The Characters Statues easily tops the four storeys guest Buildings! The artifacts are all very well built, finished and pleasing to the eyes!

Lion King





Meet the characters from The Lion King here including Simba, Scar (Simba's evil uncle), Timon (the meerkat), Rafiki (the Mandrill) and Pumbaa (the red warthog).

Finding Nemo






The characters from Finding Nemo here reminded us of Finding Nemo - The Musical that we have just watched yesterday at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. We're certainly looking forward to Finding Nemo 2 "Finding Dory" scheduled to be released on 17 Jun 2016... What a long wait! In the meantime, enjoy the below trailer folks!

Vance: And aptly, the Finding Nemo theme is applied to the pool (or "sea") area. Very nicely done!


Vance: This is my favorite theme in this hotel! (or maybe of all Disney's theme.. after.... Winnie the Pooh! [Politically corrected.. for Fiona.... hehe)
















"Cars" reminded us of Cars Land (a relatively new themed land) located in Disneyland California Adventure Park visited in 2012 J Meet characters from Cars including Lightning McQueen, Mater, Flo, Ramone and much more! Even the pedestrian paths are converted into "roads" as though you are walking down Radiator Springs (exactly like the movie). The area is really done up quite nicely, rich with details and offer one of the best spot for taking photos. Cars area is indeed easily the most impressive and unique wing of AOA.

Vance: Very nice right? I want to stay there forever! (ok, maybe for retirement!) :P





We had breakfast at the huge food court "Landscape of Flavours" within AOA”. There were 4 "shops" available within Landscape of Flavours, namely Waffle Shop, French Toast Shop, Omelet Shop and Pancake Shop. The food court has a broad and varied selection of menu items that can be created and customised just for any guest. We liked the huge selection of food, ranging from fresh fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, burgers and plentiful pastries etc. We had the Chocolate Chip Muffin and "Steak" and Egg Breakfast Burger with breakfast potatoes.

Here's our detailed reviews of AOA as promised in Day 10.

Colorful and vibrant decorations on the grounds and in the rooms, this place is like a mini-Disneyland (minus the rides and parades)! Have fun exploring each movie themed building like what we did!;
(2) 3 great pools [1 big pool “The Big Blue Pool” (from Finding Nemo) and 2 smaller but quieter pools, the “Flippin’ Fins Pool” (from The Little Mermaid)  and “Cozy Cone Pool” (from Cars)];
(3) Huge food court “Landscape of Flavors” had a huge array of choices. There were a number of interesting paintings within the food court, so do spare some time to appreciate them;
(4) Nice gift shop which means that you can continue shopping ever after you've left the respective parks.
Huge check-in area with lovely sketches of the 4 movies;
(6) Free Wi-Fi everywhere; and
(7) The resort itself is clean, modern, and comfortable. The Little Mermaid Room that we stayed in was absolutely gorgeous (though it was the furthest area from the main lobby).

(1) Waiting time for buses to the various theme parks, queues can be quite long (The queue for Magic Kingdom was exceptionally long as this is the most popular park of the 6 Disney's park).

Overall Recommendation : We highly, highly, highly…. recommend this resort, especially so if you love these 4 classic movies. This place is like a mini-Disneyland!

Vance: I'm sure we will be back again!! To Fiona: For our next trip, can we stay in "Cars" theme.. pleaseeeeeee? :)


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