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The Bahamas, USA (East Coast), Canada 2013
(20 Sep 2013 - 15 Oct 2013)


Day 12

Orlando - Disney's Hollywood Studios (1 Oct 2013)



Good Morning Orlando!
Rise and Shine, the weather is fine!



As mentioned in Day 11 (Part 1), there were a couple of interesting paintings within the huge food court 'Landscape of Flavours'. Are you able to find the magic within these paintings?
Hint : Lightning McQueen

Vance: Actually I liked these very subtle presentation. Very thoughtful and very classy :)

Before we proceed with the rest of the day.. here's what happening on Facebook!




And if you missed our post on Disnet's Epcot Center, you could catch up here!

Ok, here comes our day in Disney's Hollywood Studios!





We proceeded to Disney's Hollywood Studios, eighth most visited theme park in the world, dedicated to show business, drawing inspiration from the heyday of Hollywood. Having visited Hollywood in 2012, we were really interested to know how Disney's Hollywood Studios fare compared to the real Hollywood.


The Sorcerer's Hat is the icon of Disney's Hollywood Studios. Mickey Mouse's gloved hand and ears underneath the hat are visible emerging from the ground.

The theme park is divided into several themed areas. Photos for this remaining blog entry are arranged according to their respective themes.

Vance: And today we have "Perfect" weather for our visit (Bright and Sunny); which is also great for pictures!

Hollywood Boulevard


This is a full-scale reproduction of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Featuring handprints, footprints and signatures of some of Disney’s greatest stars embedded in the cement outside the theater. Reminded us of the actual Grauman’s Chinese Theatre that we had seen in Los Angeles (Hollywood) in 2012 trip.





Journey into the movies during this spectacular, star-studded 18-mins tour of some of Hollywood’s most famous films. Our Disney FastPass #1 for the day were utilised on The Great Movie Ride. Travel through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments like Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, Tarzan, The Wizard of Oz etc. Not really our cup of tea as we're not really into such classics.

Vance: Hey, you can guess our ages right? Fiona's in her mid 20s and I'm just passed my teens! *wink*

Echo Lake

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue is a 3D motion simulator ride set in the fictional Star Wars universe, The ride take guests on a turbulent excursion trip across the galaxy, as C-3PO and R2-D2 attempt to safely return a member of the Rebel Alliance. Definitely a must do for all Star Wars fans.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is a 30-mins action packed live stunt show that is thrilling and exciting to see. Expect falls, fights, fires, guns and explosions at 3 different Indiana Jones movie sets. Audience will have an opportunity to get picked to participate in the show as an extra. For the younger generation (like us), the show gets a little boring and lengthy considering that it has been a few years since the last Indiana Jones movie (so we can't really appreciate the show that much).

Vance: Some selected audiences got badly sabotage and teased.. all to provide entertainment for the rest of the common people.. and I suspect they are just part of the Disney Crew!


We had lunch at The Backlot Express that offers guests a unique dining experience in an environment of an old Hollywood movie-prop warehouse. We had Fresh Angus Onion Straw Bacon Cheeseburger with House Sauce (served with both Carrot Sticks + French Fries due to an error made by the restaurant staff) and the Cantaloupe and Cucumber Salad (Chopped Romaine, Red Onion, Tomato, Green Peas and Zinfandel Vinnaigrette). Not forgetting Bring-Your-Own-Chili (BYOC) and Bring-Your-Own-Drink (BYOD) that came all the way from Singapore. That's us... Typical Singaporean's traits as mentioned in this article "How To Spot A Singaporean Overseas" J.

Vance: And you can easily guess who packed and carried the stuff all the way from Singapore to around Disneyland right? RIGHT? :P


Feel the energy of the “American Idol” reality television show at Disney's Hollywood Studios where Disney invite guests to their The American Idol Experience to compete in a miniature-sized version of the hit television show.

Streets of America





Studio Backlot Tour
is a tram tour of moviemaking magic.

The tram drives through the costume and materials building, which has a through way for the tram and windows for guests to see the costumes and people working.

The tour includes guests entering a movie set, known as Catastrophe Canyon, a rocky area with fuel truck and water tanks inside. An earthquake shakes the tram and causes the fuel truck to explode, sending a fire ball into the air. Then a flood of water comes rushing down from the canyon and above the tram.
Tips : Passengers on the left will get wet!

We felt that this Disney's backlot tour was rather amateur compared to the real sets and backlot visited in Universal Studio Hollywood Studio Tour and Paramount Picture Studio Tour done in 2012.

Vance: Hey, that's Sampan Titanic at work!

Post-Ride : Guests walk through a museum exhibit AFI's 100 years, 100 movies. Featuring actual costumes, props and mementos from Titanic (Pencil case and art portfolio of Jack), Superman (Flying Cape worn by Christopher Reeve) and so much more.



Our Disney’s FastPass #2 were utilised on Muppet Vision 3D. Join Kermit, Miss Piggy and the entire Muppets gang for a spectacular presentation in 3D.

Meet the Stars of Cars near Streets of America. The Cars characters can be found in a dedicated area themed to Luigi's Garage near the exit to Muppetvision 3D. Here us with Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater.








We found this adorable shop, It’s a Wonderful Shop, tucked away in a lovely little corner of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Located near Muppet-Vision 3-D, this little shop is a all year round Christmas store, a great place to buy Disney ornaments and decorations, even if it's not December.




One of the most exciting performances at Disney's Hollywood Studios is the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. This 38-mins long show is full of amazing stunts, roaring car engines, explosions, and high-speed chases. Expect pyrotechnics, stuntmen falling off buildings, jet ski chases, and of course car chases. Cars fans will be excited to see Lightning McQueen when he makes a special appearance during the show. It's definitely one of our recommended must-see show in Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Tips : With 5,000 seats, there is ample seating for the show in the auditorium, but at certain times of the day some of the seats will be in direct sunlight, so wear your sunscreen or bring a hat! Be early for front seats.

Pixar Place

Our last Disney’s FastPass for the day were utilised on Toy Story Midway Mania, the most popular ride in Hollywood Disney Studios. To avoid the snake queue, get a FastPass or do this ride first upon admission. We've done this ride twice in Disneyland California Adventure Park in Anaheim back in 2012, but this ride is simply too fun not to do it again, no matter what.

Vance: And Fiona actually brought her Alien hair rubberband to match the theme here!

And I've lost again?! *TSK*

Vance: "invincible is lonely" (Direct Translate from Chinese Language!)


Outside of the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania, you will often find Green Army Man interacting with guests.




Woody and Buzz Lightyear have a dedicated (and air conditioned) meet-n-greet area across from the entrance to Toy Story Midway Mania. The backdrop is set up to look like you are on Andy’s bed. We like the indoor queue where guests can play and pose for pictures while waiting.

Vance: And Fiona just go hug every character she takes photo with (AKA Strangers) ?!?! :P

Mickey Avenue

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream
, an interesting exhibition of historical items celebrating Walt’s life. One Man’s Dream invites guests to discover the man behind the mouse, his various achievements and his ongoing legacy through a self-guided gallery tour. No trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is complete without taking a look at the history of Disney. Through the 15-mins short film, we learnt that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was Walt Disney’s first character created but it was claimed by another company and he lost the rights to it. We're impressed that even though Walt Disney had many failures in his career, he never gave up. His life is truly amazing.

Animation Courtyard




Voyage of The Little Mermaid
- A 17-mins live musical stage show combining special effects, live performances, puppetry, and clips from the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid J.

Vance: Almost Broadway materials too!


Our results from You're a Character. In this booth, Lumière (From Beauty & the Beast) will ask you a series of questions and tell you which Disney character you are most like. Guess who is Tinker Bell and Cogsworth.

Vance: Ok, you must have guess its me who is Tinker Bell right! Yes lah, I am!! hehe

Character meet and greet spot featuring characters from Wreck-It Ralph.


We attended a 10-mins segment Drawn to Animation where a Disney Animator brings Mushu, the mischievous red dragon (from the popular 1998 Disney movie Mulan) to the screen. It's a cute and informative presentation that all ages can enjoy.

Sunset Boulevard


We had dinner (Smoked turkey leg + Ribs served with baked beans and coleslaw) at Toluca Legs Turkey Co and Fairfax in Sunset Boulevard. The smoked turkey leg was the largest turkey leg that we ever had! Yes it was mess and greasy but wow, it was good! <

Vance: And that's a lot of meat as usual :)


Fantasmic! is a 30-mins nighttime spectacular with lasers, lights, dancing fountains and special effects. Do arrive early as there's limited capacity in this outdoor amphitheater.

Another long and tiring day! Looking forward to tomorrow where we will visit Magical Kingdom, the most visited theme park in the world! J

Vance: Ok, bye for now, its laundry time!




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