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The Bahamas, USA (East Coast), Canada 2013
(20 Sep 2013 - 15 Oct 2013)


Day 3

The Bahamas, Nassau (22 Sep 2013)



Good Morning Bahamas! Rise and Shine, the weather is fine!
 Having slept for only 4+ hours, we forced our sleepy bodies to wake up and we were pleasantly surprised by the magnificent sunrise view from our room.

Vance: Hey Mom, see no Jet-Lag! :P






Daily continental breakfast was complimentary for us [Privilege of Starwood Preferred Guest(SPG) member] at the Bimini Market but if you’re paying for it, it’s definitely not worth the price (US$25+ per person) for the limited variety and quality of food provided.

The program for today is to do the Stuart Cove's Sub-Bahamas adventure, which is one of Nassau’s newest underwater activity. We were picked up the Stuart Cove's complimentary transport from the hotel lobby and in about 20-30 mins, we reached south west corner of New Providence where Stuart Cove was located.

Vance: We expect a really rainy day (Hey, its in the weather forecast afterall!) But we were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a warm sunny day with (relatively) clear blue sky! Its a sign... for...





We were given a short briefing on riding and controlling these yellow seahorse shaped SUB (Scenic Underwater Bubbles) aquanauts and communicating with hand signals when underwater. Basically the SUB is a self-contained underwater motorcycle with a large two foot clear dome, keeping the head perfectly dry throughout the ride around the underwater reefs. Passengers sit on the "bike" with their head inside the ‘bubble’. The ‘bubble’ or dome is large enough for the head and you can even slip your hands in. One can breathe normally, through the nose and mouth, without the need of using snorkel tubes or regulators (No scuba or snorkeling experience required & you don’t even need to know how to swim).

The SUB unit is propelled by a small battery operated engine that you can control (Steer left / right and move forward). The ascents/descents are controlled by the crew who slowly take you up/down via a control line. Air is supplied via a SCUBA cylinder and it keeps air continuously flowing into your bubble dome (You can actually see the bubbles flowing and hear the air hissing so that you know it is working).

Check out the above video to have a better understanding of how SUB works.






Vance: Someone did a "Labbit" on me ?!?!

The crew took us to a beautiful shallow reef spot, approximately 15 feet down and from there, we were free to pilot the SUB around the reef. The crew brought plenty of food to feed fishes and the fishes followed us wherever we went. 

The experience was truly whimsical but my SUB moved much slower compared to the rest of the group (Supposedly it can moved at a speed of 2 knots). In fact, the crew had to push my SUB as I was lagging behind the group?! Looks like they really need to invest in maintenance which seems to be lacking, as evidenced by another group member who had to change his SUB as it wasn’t moving as well (Which delayed Vance’s entrance to the water).

To make the matter worse, we were really disappointed with the photos taken by the photographer. The company standard is to take 6-8 good images for each person on the tour (Per their comments on TripAdvisor), but most of our images were either blur (as the domes were foggy) or we were not looking at the camera. The rest of the group seems to have plenty of clear images taken [Certainly hope that the photographer was not being racist since we’re Asians]. In fact, we have set aside a high budget for this Sub-Bahamas adventure since the experience is so unique. Too bad that they did such a lousy photo job and we ended up paying only for 2 photos (US$15 each) as shown below.

Vance: I was like a fish out of water for a really long time, there was like 7 of us in the group and I was the last to enter the water with the SUB. But the good thing is the SUB that I was riding has the speediest motor and I had a really good time diving and navigating under water! [All the rest who enter earlier needs to wait for me anyway]. The view underwater is akin to watching 4K HDTV under water with the option for you to stetch out your hands and touch the fishes! Really a experience of a lifetime! With THIS kind of experience, all was forgiven! ;)



After the SUB experience, the crew took us to snorkeling in another location.

Vance: They have good snokelling kits on board and the dive staff are pretty pro too, point us to corals and guided us along the way.

Overall, the SUB-Bahamas adventure is still worthwhile to go, it’s a really cool experience for non-divers. Out of 5 stars rating, I would give 3 stars. Deduct 1 star for faulty SUB and less another 1 point for the poor photos taken.

Vance: I give 4 Stars! I got a really nice SUB to ride on! :P


For the rest of the day, we stayed in the hotel due to jet-lag.

Looking forward to next day as we’re going downtown to discover the real Bahamas! :) 

Vance: While back in the hotel room.... some "action" was taking place..... don't be narrow minded! Its the IRONMAN in action!




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